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Earn More with Speedy Rewards

You get 10 points per gallon of fuel and 20 points per dollar spent on merchandise. And look for special deals! Each month, you can get Bonus Points on some items to get more from your purchases.

Merchandise purchase excludes tobacco, alcohol, lottery, money orders, in-store restaurant, milk (PA only), Speedy Cash prepaid cards, Vanilla Visa, and NetSpend, PayPal, or Green Dot reloadable products.

2 Grill Items, Any Size Fountain, & $1.89 Frito Lay
$25 Speedy Cash Gift Card
12oz Minute Maid & Breakfast Sandwich
1L-700ml Essentia Water When you buy 3
23oz Peace Tea When you buy 2
Cheetos or Turbos Flamas 7-10oz When you buy 2
Cheetos Single Serve When you buy 2
$25 Gift Card Excludes GPR, Ufan, Wireless, Long Distance, OneVanilla, Speedy Cash Gift Cards
11.5oz Simply Smoothie When you buy 2
Combos 1.7-1.8oz When you buy 3
Nestle Drumstick or Toll House Cookie Sandwich
Speedy Choice Bag Candy 6-9oz
16.9oz Bolt24 When you buy 2
Speedy Choice Cashews 5.25oz
14oz Nesquik When you buy 2
Speedy Choice Bag Donuts 8.25-10oz
$5 Speedy Good to Go or Cafe Card

Countdown to the DEW Year

Speedway and Mtn Dew are giving away a unique prize every day in December, each more epic than the last!

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Merge Card Accounts

Merge your Speedy Rewards card and Mastercard Accounts to one Card.

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