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Frequently Asked Questions

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Speedy Rewards® Alternate Id

  • Alternate ID is a 7-10 digit number linked to your Speedy Rewards card that you can use in place of swiping your card. Each Speedy Rewards card will have a unique Alternate ID so points earned will go directly to your card. You can use your Alternate ID at the pump or inside the store.

  • You can add an Alternate ID to your account after you register your card. Click on Alternate ID in My Profile. You will be able to add or edit this number at the Speed Rewards terminal, online or on the mobile app.

  • You can go to the Speedy Rewards terminal, online, or through your mobile app to view or update your Alternate ID. Look under Manage Account on the terminal and online. On the app, you can view your Alternate ID in your Speedy Wallet.

  • Entering your Alternate ID at the pump or inside the store will act as if you scanned your Speedy Rewards card. Your base, bonus, and club points will show up immediately.

  • Yes. You will be prompted at the pump or inside the store to use Pay Card as your method of payment after entering your Alternate ID.

  • You will still need to use your card to redeem your points at the terminal, and to present at partner locations to earn Speedy Rewards points.

  • Your Speedy Rewards Alternate ID is valid at all Speedway locations.

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