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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile Apps

  • You can access the iTunes or Google Play store from your mobile device and search for “Speedway”. You can also access the app from www.speedway.com/mobileapps

  • It’s FREE!

  • The Speedway mobile app is supported on Android phones with Android version 6 or higher, as well as Apple phones with iOS 11 or higher.​
  • No. The Speedway Mobile App has a convenient Store Locator and Gas Price search feature that does not require Speedy Rewards Membership. Speedy Rewards members will however, be able to view their account balances, access a digital version of their Speedy Rewards Card, manage their profile and enter sweepstakes from within the app, after logging in.

  • Speedway promises to provide prices to be as accurate as possible. Prices are updated seven (7) days a week, approximately every 30 minutes. Prices listed are current prices since the previous download; however, the prices shown are not guaranteed. Store prices may vary between downloads and may vary at the store from the prices listed here. All sales will be made at the current posted street price at each store at the time of purchase.

  • In order to get an accurate location, the GPS on your device must be turned on. For iPhones go to your device's Settings > Privacy > Location Settings > set to "On" and set the Speedw​ay app to "Always". For Android go to your device's Settings > Location > set to "On".

  • Click on Settings. From there you can select your default fuel grade.

  • Using your email address and PIN that you registered with. This is the same login info you use on Speedway.com.

  • Yes, just login with your registered email address and PIN and you'll see your points balance at the top left of the screen on iOS devices. To view your points balance on Android, tap the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner to view your points balance. Additional account information can be found under Settings and Wallet.

  • You must be logged in. You can access the digital card 2 ways: Clicking on the Wallet icon, then select the Speedy Rewards card. You can also "shake to show card" to bring your Speedy Rewards card up at any time. Android devices also have a widget that displays your Speedy Rewards card.

  • Yes. You can scan your Digital Speedy Rewards Card at the register.

  • Not at this time. We recommend you set up an Alternate ID for use at the pump when you don’t have your physical card.

  • Yes. First, you must be logged into your Speedy Rewards account. Then select Rewards star icon, and then you can tap on "Redeem." A digital copy of the coupon will be stored in the "Wallet" section of the mobile app after you make a selection. Simply present your mobile device and your Speedy Rewards card at the checkout to claim your reward.

  • Not at this time. Use the in-store Speedy Rewards Kiosk to quickly replace your card and transfer your points to a new card.

  • Speedy Rewards points transfer is no longer available on Speedway.com or at the Speedy Rewards kiosks.

    To transfer points from one Speedy Rewards account to another, follow the steps below:

    • Step 1. Have both Speedy Reward card numbers with you.
    • Step 2. Contact us at Speedway Customer Service. We will help you transfer points between the Speedy Rewards Cards.

    Speedway Customer Service 1-800-643-1948
    Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST
    Saturday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

  • Not at this time. Please visit www.speedway.com/Cards/PayCard to sign up for Pay Card.

  • If you have upgraded your card to a Speedy Rewards Pay Card, you can use your Digital Speedy Rewards card (via the app) in the store, and you will be given the option to pay for the transaction via your Pay Card account.

  • You can register a new card by visiting www.speedway.com on your computer or the Speedway app, or by using our in- store Speedy Rewards kiosk.

  • You must be logged in. Select the Speedy Rewards star icon, and then tap on "Play". Select the sweepstakes you are interested in. Enter the Number of Entries you’​d like. Your points balance will be updated to reflect the number of points spent for your entries.


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