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General Inquiries

What is Speedway’s position on cage-free eggs?

Speedway is committed to understanding and meeting its customers' needs in a responsible way that provides genuine value for their money. In order to accomplish this, we have been researching the issue of cage-free eggs for some time. We are working with our egg supplier on a plan enabling us to convert to 100 percent cage-free eggs by Dec. 31, 2025, while continuing to meet our customers' expectations for convenience and value.​

I have a resume that I would like to submit to your company, who and where should I send it?

Visit our Career section at www.speedway.com/Careers and select the area you are interested in. Your resume will be sent to the appropriate personnel.

Why do gas prices change so often?

Speedway and other competing gasoline retailers deal with constant fluctuations in the wholesale cost of gasoline. Unlike other consumer products, gasoline is a world commodity. The U.S. must compete with countries around the world for the supply of oil and gasoline. Demand, particularly in the U.S., Europe, China and India, is strong while supply is tight. This balance between supply and demand is aggravated by other issues, such as political unrest and weather. The smallest change in the supply and demand balance will affect the cost of crude oil and gasoline. As a result of these impacts, we adjust gasoline pricing to constantly bring you the most competitive price possible.

To help offset some of the impact of higher gasoline prices, we encourage you to participate in our free Speedy Rewards program at www.SpeedyRewards.com. It provides you with rewards for the simple act of shopping with us – and it is our way of delivering additional savings to you, our valued guest. Once a member, you can also utilize our Speedy Rewards Pay Card at www.speedway.com/Cards/PayCard functionality to save 5¢ per gallon for the first 90 days, plus double Speedy Rewards Points on fuel purchases.

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