Buehler's Advantage

Use your Buehler's Advantage Card at select Buehler's locations each time you shop and save on fuel at Speedway!

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Rewards For Fuel

  1. Step 1


    Start by linking your Speedy Rewards card and Buehler's Advantage card:

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    • ​You must be a Speedy Rewards member to enroll.

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  2. Step 2


    Earn 10¢ off per gallon of fuel at Speedway with your Speedy Rewards Card for every $60 you spend at Buehler's Fresh Foods with your Buehler's Advantage Card.

  3. Step 3


    Redeem your Buehler's Rewards for Fuel by swiping your Speedy Rewards Card at the pump at any Speedway Fuel Location.


Earn 10 cents off per gallon of gas at Speedway for every $60 you spend at select Buehler’s Fresh Foods with your Buehler’s Advantage Card. You must link your Buehler’s Advantage card to your Speedy Rewards Card in order to participate in the program. Buehler’s Advantage Cards are available at Buehler’s Fresh Foods Service Center or sign-up online at www.buehlers.com. For cards requested online, you may choose to pick up at any Buehler’s store, or have them mailed to your home address. Speedy Reward cards are available at select Buehler’s Fresh Foods or any Speedway location.​​​​​

To enroll in Buehler's Rewards for Fuel, you will need to link your Buehler's Advantage Card and your Speedy Rewards Card. There are 2 options to link your cards: go to www.speedway.com/buehlers or select Buehler's Fresh Foods Service Centers.

Redeem cents off per gallon when you swipe your Speedy Rewards card, or when you use your alternate ID to redeem your Rewards for Fuel. Rewards for Fuel are tracked electronically on your Buehler's Advantage Card. View your Rewards for Fuel balance on your Buehler's register receipt, at www.speedyrewards.com after login with your Speedy Rewards card and choose Fuel Savings.

Redemption Restrictions:
Cents off per gallon will be redeemed in increments of 10¢. Discounted fuel cannot exceed 25 gallons for one vehicle in one transaction. Minimum cost is 10¢ per gallon. If accumulated points exceed the minimum cost of 10¢ per gallon, remaining points will roll-over to a future visit. Fuel points have a rolling expiration date. Points expire three (3) months after the last day of the month in which points are earned. (Example: points earned any day in the month of December will expire on the last day in March).

Purchase (earn) Restrictions:
Excludes purchases of beer, wine, tobacco, postage stamps, Buehler's Gift Cards, propane, money orders, Visa (and other pre-paid reloadable gift cards), Ritzman Pharmacy purchases, alcohol, state and federally funded prescriptions, fund raising activities, donations, lottery, sales tax or other taxes paid by a customer. Buehler's may end the program at their discretion at any time and has the right to change the rules, how the program works,  and restrict redemptions to any extent at any time.​​​

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