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Frequently Asked Questions

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Speedy Rewards® Mall

  • The amount of time between when you place your order with a merchant and when you receive your Speedy Reward points can vary widely, depending on the merchant. Some transactions may take up to 15 days to be recognized; however, most points will be posted between 2 days through 10 days from when you purchase the item(s).​​

  • Every time you begin your shopping here, you can earn Speedy Reward points. You simply click on a merchant's listing and you'll earn Speedy Reward points for the purchases you make during that session.

  • In order to receive Speedy Rewards points, you must begin your online shopping experience at www.speedyrewardsmall.com every time. It's the only way we can track your purchases.

  • In order for your purchase to be eligible for points you must start your online shopping at www.speedyrewardsmall.com. Unfortunately, purchases made without going through the mall are not eligible for points. Online orders need to be tracked to your Speedy Rewards account, and this happens automatically when you log in at www.speedyrewardsmall.com. Merchants will not fund loyalty shopping rewards if a transaction cannot be tracked back to www.speedyrewardsmall.com.

  • You get credit every time you shop, when you start your shopping at www.speedyrewardsmall.com.

  • Some merchants may not offer points for all of their products and services. You can get specific details on the information page for each merchant. To find the merchant information page for a merchant, click on the "more info" link on any shopping category page.

  • The original Speedy Reward points posted to your account for that purchase will be removed.

  • Contact Speedy Rewards customer service at 1-800-643-1948 (Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST and Saturday - Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST​). Or you can use this form located here: http://www.speedway.com/ContactUs/

  • We keep track of who you are by writing a "cookie" to your computer. Cookies are completely safe and do not contain any of your personal information. We pass an identification number to the merchant so they can tell us about your purchase and how many Speedy Reward points you have earned.

  • No. We only keep track of your User ID and where you shop, so we can properly credit your account.

  • In some cases you do. The coupon code will be given to you along with the special offer. Note that if you go to other sites online to try to find coupon codes and use those, you may not be eligible for points through this program.

  • You will earn a different amount from each merchant, depending on what you buy at that merchant's site. We show you an estimated range. View the merchant's information page for specific details. We do not guarantee a specific amount. The amount displayed in the mall is an estimate.

  • Rewards vary depending on the products you purchase from that merchant. See the merchant's information page for more details. You can view the merchant's information page by clicking on the "more info" link on any product category page.

  • JavaScript is a programming language that helps us display dynamic information on the site. The mall will not function without it. You can be assured that our JavaScript code is completely safe.

  • Members with AdBlock or AdBlock Plus installed on their computers may experience issues receiving their points for purchases made through the Speedy Rewards Mall.
    Chrome, Safari, and Firefox Users: In order to ensure that you are properly credited with points for every online purchase made through the Speedy Rewards Mall, please add or subscribe to the Speedy Rewards filter list. This will allow proper tracking to affiliate network sites. To subscribe: copy and paste the below URL into a new browser window.

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