More Points.
More Rewards.

Speedy Rewards® Mastercard®

Your Speedy Rewards card and a credit card all in one!

The Speedy Rewards MasterCard does double duty. You'll earn extra Speedy Rewards Points on top of your base points at Speedway, which means you'll get more Speedy Rewards for the items you purchase. You can redeem those points for gas, food and more1 — all with no annual fee!2

Speedy Rewards® Mastercard® Calculator

Use the points calculator to see how much you could be earning today!

Merging your rewards account with your credit card.

Existing Speedy Rewards members

When you get your new credit card, go to and log in to your credit card account to merge your Speedy Rewards Account. Or call 1-800-643-1948 for help. Once you've merged accounts, your Speedy Rewards Mastercard is the only card you'll need.

Not a Speedy Rewards member?

Once you're issued your Speedy Rewards Mastercard, a Speedy Rewards Account will be established for you. You'll need to register this account at

Note that in order to redeem your points, you must register your Speedy Rewards Account.1

Get the Speedy Rewards Mastercard and start earning points faster.