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Speedy Rewards
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Registered Member Benefits

Being a Speedy Rewards Member
Now that you’re earning all those Speedy Rewards points…it’s time to spend them! Although everyone who uses a Speedy Rewards Card is a member and is earning points, you must become a registered member to enjoy all the benefits. And how do you do that? Just register your card with your name and address online or at an in-store terminal (it takes just minutes, and it’s FREE), and you'll be able to redeem your points for fuel discounts (where applicable), free food and merchandise, gift cards and more. As a registered member, you’ll also have personalized account management and get special ‘members only’ offers and promotions.

Reviewing and Redeeming Points is Easy
At any in-store Speedy Rewards Terminal, you can instantly review your point balance, club status and redeem your points – just select a reward for which you qualify and print your coupon!

You Can Transfer Your Points to Another Card
Does someone you know need a few points to get a free item? As a registered member, you can transfer points to another Speedy Rewards member with just a few clicks. Simply enter the recipient’s card number and the number of points you would like to transfer to that card. The recipient's card just needs to be registered and active.

Using Speedy Rewards Pay Card is a win-win.
The Speedy Rewards Pay Card lets you pay for Speedway purchases right out of your checking account…with no transaction fees. (If you don’t use the Speedy Rewards Pay Card as your method of payment you will still earn base points.) Even better, you’ll save five cents per gallon on all fuel purchases for the first 90 days*. It’s just an easier, quicker way of paying and earning points than having to use both a credit card and Speedy Rewards Card. *FL, SC, WI and WV residents earn 70 Bonus Points per gallon of fuel purchased for the first 90 days. Bonus Points and 5¢ rollback do not apply to NJ members using Pay Card.
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Don't have your Speedy Rewards card? Earn points anyway with Alternate ID.
With an Alternate ID, you can earn points during those times when you’ve forgotten your Speedy Rewards card, or maybe your wallet card won’t scan, etc. Your Alternate ID can be used just like your Speedy Rewards card at the pumps or when you pay inside.

So, think about it -- if you’ve upgraded your account with a Speedy Rewards Pay Card, you can use your alternate ID to make purchases and earn points -- without using any card at all!

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Earn 300 Bonus Points
Purchase a Powerade 32oz and a Nutri-Grain Bar
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