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Speedy Rewards
The rewards program that just
keeps on rewarding!


Use your Shop Your Way Rewards® loyalty card at select Kmart locations and earn up to 90¢ off per gallon of gasoline at Speedway!

Participating Locations


How to Earn Fuel Discounts at Kmart
Present your Shop Your Way Rewards card at the time of purchase at a participating Kmart location to receive fuel discount coupons redeemable at any Speedway location.

  • Spend $50 or more and receive a coupon for 30¢ off per gallon
  • Get 10¢ off per gallon for every prescription filled (up to 6 prescriptions per transaction)

*Offer valid in participating stores only. Void where prohibited by law. Purchase requirement is before taxes and after other discounts. Members get a coupon to redeem at your local Speedway. Offer not valid on online purchases. Exclusions and conditions apply. See coupon for details. Members earn points on qualifying purchases, excluding sales taxes and other fees. Subject to full program terms available at 30¢ coupon offer excludes non-merchandise, concessions, federal or state regulated items, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, fuel, prior and partial-paid special-order items, items behind the pharmacy counter, prescriptions and prior purchases. 10¢ coupon offer for prescription purchases can only be received where permitted by law at the time of the prescription purchase at the pharmacy counter; talk to your Kmart pharmacist for details.

Coupon Redemption: Must be a Speedway Speedy Rewards® Member. Speedy Rewards card must be scanned inside the Speedway store with the coupon prior to fill-up. Coupon can only be used for a single fill-up, with a 15-gallon maximum purchase. If less than 15 gallons purchased, there is no residual discount on next purchase.

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Purchase an Original King Size Snickers and a 20oz Dr Pepper
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